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The village of Argens-Minervois, where Le Petit Charme (LPC) is located, is tiny but delightful. The 370 or so inhabitants are all friendly, filled with classic Gallic charm and good humor. Guests at LPC can expect a cheerful nod from nearly every passerby. Or, if you’re in the mood for chatter, feel free to join the spirited conversations at one of the local establishments. Characters abound, and they’ll be as interested in you as you are in them.

Shop for ‘le Petit Déjeuner’

Shop for ‘petit dejuener’

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Fresh bread and croissants, as well as lunch selections and basic grocery items, are only a 3-minute walk from LPC. Other food venues (including bakeries, fish stores, butchers, and supermarkets) are just a 5- to 10-minute drive.

Enjoy Canal-Side Dining

Enjoy lunch or dinner

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Argens-Minervois boasts two friendly and informal restaurants: La Guinguette and Le Sourire de la Grenouille. There also are many other good places to eat and drink in nearby villages.

Imbibe at the Local Pub

Have a drink, meet the ‘locals’...

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Guests are always welcome at Café Le Troubadour, which is owned and operated by LPC’s neighbor Gilbert (standing in the photo). Gilbert and his patrons are always willing to share their knowledge of local wines. Stop in for a tasting!

Savor Fabulous Food Markets

Peruse food markets

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Fresh food markets abound in the area . You’ll find a plentiful array of fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, dairy, oils/spices, bread and pastries, and much more. The closest markets are a 5-minute drive and are held each Tuesday and Wednesday.

Scour Vide-Greniers (‘Empty Attics’)

Scour ‘vide greniers’

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Those who love “antiquing” or rifling through flea markets will enjoy the area surrounding Le Petit Charme. You’ll find antiques, collectibles, and other treasures at the “empty attic” sales held Sunday mornings at various villages throughout the area.

Explore the ‘Off-the-Beaten Path’

Scour ‘vide greniers’

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Go beyond the tour books and check out many of the area’s lesser known but-oh-so-interesting attractions, including the Oulibo Olive Oil Cooperative (where there are local olive oil tastings), oyster tasting at Port Leucate, eccentric metal sculptures at the Aguille lock on the Canal du Midi, and the Dolmen des Fées (the Aude’s most impressive megalith and the Midi’s largest prehistoric tomb).